Viewing Instructions

Select Gallery from Menu.

Click on thumbnail to view image.

To exit image viewer and return to thumbnail gallery page, click on “X” on top right corner of image viewing window or press the ESC key.

To view the next image in series, either left-button click on “>” on right of image viewing window, or press the right-arrow key.

To view the previous image in series, either left-button click on “<” on left of image viewing window, or press the left-arrow key.

It is recommended to use the keyboard for navigation and move the mouse cursor clear of image.

To prevent cropping of a displayed image (it may not be obvious that this has happened) and optimise viewing conditions, view in “full screen” mode. This is best done while in thumbnail gallery and prior to viewing the first image.

Implement the “full screen” mode by clicking the appropriate icon or using key strokes according to browser and system being used. For example using the Firefox browser, press the “F11” key for Linux or PC systems or “Cmd+Shift+F” keys  for Apple Mac. The same operation will revert to normal screen, when finished.

Javascript must be enabled in the browser to view images.

All images of the gallery were generated on a colour profiled system and have been converted to sRGB colour space (sRGB IEC61966-2.1). The gallery is best viewed on a properly calibrated monitor otherwise images may tend to appear under or over saturated.