Focal Cottage Studio

I undertake product photography, catering for small businesses.

I enjoy the challenge of presenting the customers products in the best possible way, according to their requirements for the promotion of their businesses.

My approach to product photography is to use my artistic and technical skills to produce images of the quality required in a cost-effective manner. I work at my “cottage” studio or on location, and pride myself in using appropriate technology, some custom-made.  This keeps overheads to a minimum and, as a consequence, overall costs to a reasonable level.

A fully colour calibrated workflow is used. This is especially critical for projects such as fashion garment photography where accurate colours and shades are required.

The images below are examples of my accommodation, woodworking product  and fashion coat photography.


photocrati gallery


Additional images of wood products I have photographed for Victorian Wood Works may be viewed at their web site: Almost all of the location and product photographs were taken by me. All of the photographs of Akaroa On The Beach accommodation, at, are examples of my work. Graff, a long-established local fashion coat business, is currently using my printed images for promoting the next season’s styles at the wholesale level (a web site is currently being considered).


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